Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Protect the forest, but go WAXING

I don't know what you think but there are a few things that I consider gross. One of them is hair in a few areas especially at women. Men are said to be more negligent, ok I may addmit that but women, "diaphanous, sensible and delicate creatures" are supposed to be more careful with their look. It's just an opinion but I see many women very well dressed, with a careful makeup but with hairs on their arms. Wow!! Don't worry you won't catch a cold. Yes, I  prefer nature and natural as more as possible but hairs lets say on the arms of a woman, or other area (inguinal, axilla, etc), NO.
So, to make this as natural and easy as possible here are a few things that you can try. Just try them:))

Make it more sweet:)

How to make sugar wax

How to use it

I insist!:))
Part 2

PS: I wonder if Madam Tussauds' figures are waxed :))

Monday, July 11, 2011

West vs East, Present and Future or Past and Present

First and foremost I don't like the word versus when it comes of countries, continents, regions etc. I prefer in contrast, or compared to. Because the first meaning of versus is against. Here are a few images created by a chinese student who went to study in Germany(I read that he wanted to make a comparison between Germany and China, but then on the internet this comparison was extended to west and east). Although every generalization is a mistake, the frame of mind, the habbits of many people from certain regions are evident. Also this is way to far to be named west and east because there are important differences, nuances and specificities regarding the eastern part or western regions, countries. So these are funny images, posted without any intention to offend or to praise someone. I say this because if you think a little bit none can tell you how it's better, which way of facing reality is the best. It depends how we look, for many this is the past and present, for others the present and future in the world.
In my opinion the truth is in the middle because is very important the discipline, individuality but in the same time that laissez faire and to socialize in the community is important too. So a little bit of balance is needed as usually.
Blue is for west and red is for east.

                                          Complexity of self expression



                                         Noise in the restaurants

                                          Elderly in the day to day life

                                          Beauty for the ladies-tan

                                         Problem solving

                                          Queue while waiting

                                          Sundays on the roads

                                          The evolution of transportation


                                          What's trendy



                                         View of myself

                                         And certanly :), the boss

Friday, July 8, 2011

Connecting people

What can you read in Cosmopolitan? You can read about "7 Weird Things That Turn Guys On" I laughed half an hour. Human beings are really weird.
Two things are in the spotlight in the last years and of course are overrated. These are sex and cuisine. Sex and food, two elements for the survival of the species, were always a daily thing but weren't push forward. Now there are full of specialists, therapists, masters, gurus, overqualified persons and of course TV shows and so on.
OK, back to this article. A few guys tells their preferences. The first one prefers that his girlfriend goes to bed with her makeup. This one I understand, but also this raise a few questions my friend. Is she uglyer without?
Discussions regarding makeup and cosmetics, treatments for the ladies and more and more now for the guys on other posts.
Or are you preventing lets say a scarry wake up in the morning? My friends, it's your girlfriend. If you chose to be with her watch her as she really is.
The second one was more funny. He talks or grunts too much during sex and she puts her hand on his mouth.:)) My friend what are you talking about?:) I know there are guys, who naturally I don't understand, who talk dirty during sex. Maybe this guy reads her a story, or tells her how should they redecorate because there he says that he talks too much and of course he also grunts because he doesn't have the proper intonation. :)
Enough! The rest is let's say unspectacular.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

No games, Just Tennis


Please observe Federer, one of the best tennis player ever but this match defeated, how he reacts. He waits for Tsonga and pays respect to the winner. A great champion, a great guy. This is tennis, this is sport, this is fair play, this is respect, this is civilization

In death talks

Today I read an article in Washington Post about the negociations between Obama, democrats and the republicans regarding the deficit. The debts will be smaller by cutting the Social Security, Medicaid and Medicover funds. This is not a single situation in the world. Political leaders every time that have to operate some cuts look at social security, health and education. Instead in the US and other countries from the democratic and civilized world there are significant cuts of taxes for corporations, private jets and so on.
Politicians lose contact more and more with their citizens and forget one important thing: they are there because citizens empowered them to represent their interests, so they are simply citizens' servants and more of that they are paid by them
I am stupid but I am wondering, wouldn't be smarter to cut military funds, bureaucracy, not to fill the bank pockets because they done bad business, implement cuts for small companies and for those with less incomes and to provide some laws (because they are sent there for this) to watch closer stock markets and especially all derivative stock exchange products? Because these have limited projection in the real economy. Also increase taxes for luxury products.
If we say that we are the civilized world let's act like this. Every citizen has to have a minimum of care. So provide him or her the means to have food, shelter, education, culture and health and give them the opportunity to work, to express their qualities. Who wants more very good encourage them. These are minimum things to have to act and live in a civilized environment. Who has achieved legally a fortune, good for him/her. This persons should be celebrated. But also they should pay for luxury if they want it. Everyone can live without jewelry, private planes or yachts. If you desire these pay my friend.
This is beyond political doctrines, political parties, theories and so on. This is common sens. This is civilization.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another one BIT the dust

It seems that S Korea will pass from the classic school books to the tablets until 2015. It is obvious that in a few years many countries will follow. So step by step the children won't know to write by hand. No more "I love you Tommy" or "My heart is yours, Alice" written on desks or other places. By the way Living next door to Alice will be useless because the children will not have anymore the capacity to express themselves very quick and originally. Alice will be gone in wondercomputerland from now on.
Can you imagine how funny will be when these guys won't use the tablets because let's say will not have power? Or, they will make a draw for the love one on the tablet. :)
I do not say that we have to stick to the past, but hand writing is something that defines us. Our hand writing is like our fingerprint. It is unique. This will cancel more and more our personality, our individuality.
What to say about the calligraphy? It is history now, along with the pencils, pens, ink and the blotting paper.
All in all Alice is in the computerland and she writes very nice...on her tablet.

BIT by BIT a certain fact is true...

The new face of the crisis

To go along with the trend and to be realistic this economic and social crisis is not ended. In the US the debt is high in the sky and the gold which has to cover all the usd that are on the market is missing. All items have a certain value. Also the value of money is normally calculated in gold. Here is a huge problem. In Europe the soverign debts led to sovereignity lost, because Greece or other european countries which have agreements with the IMF and the World Bank cannot act as an independent country. In Asia Japan is recovering very slow, asian tigers aren't tigers for the moment and China could face an implosion. So, the end is far away...