Monday, July 11, 2011

West vs East, Present and Future or Past and Present

First and foremost I don't like the word versus when it comes of countries, continents, regions etc. I prefer in contrast, or compared to. Because the first meaning of versus is against. Here are a few images created by a chinese student who went to study in Germany(I read that he wanted to make a comparison between Germany and China, but then on the internet this comparison was extended to west and east). Although every generalization is a mistake, the frame of mind, the habbits of many people from certain regions are evident. Also this is way to far to be named west and east because there are important differences, nuances and specificities regarding the eastern part or western regions, countries. So these are funny images, posted without any intention to offend or to praise someone. I say this because if you think a little bit none can tell you how it's better, which way of facing reality is the best. It depends how we look, for many this is the past and present, for others the present and future in the world.
In my opinion the truth is in the middle because is very important the discipline, individuality but in the same time that laissez faire and to socialize in the community is important too. So a little bit of balance is needed as usually.
Blue is for west and red is for east.

                                          Complexity of self expression



                                         Noise in the restaurants

                                          Elderly in the day to day life

                                          Beauty for the ladies-tan

                                         Problem solving

                                          Queue while waiting

                                          Sundays on the roads

                                          The evolution of transportation


                                          What's trendy



                                         View of myself

                                         And certanly :), the boss

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