Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Protect the forest, but go WAXING

I don't know what you think but there are a few things that I consider gross. One of them is hair in a few areas especially at women. Men are said to be more negligent, ok I may addmit that but women, "diaphanous, sensible and delicate creatures" are supposed to be more careful with their look. It's just an opinion but I see many women very well dressed, with a careful makeup but with hairs on their arms. Wow!! Don't worry you won't catch a cold. Yes, I  prefer nature and natural as more as possible but hairs lets say on the arms of a woman, or other area (inguinal, axilla, etc), NO.
So, to make this as natural and easy as possible here are a few things that you can try. Just try them:))

Make it more sweet:)

How to make sugar wax

How to use it

I insist!:))
Part 2

PS: I wonder if Madam Tussauds' figures are waxed :))

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